Frump, noun, Sometimes pleasant or delightful, but more often an overly confidant, obnoxiously dressed, rotund woman who is constantly speaking in loud tones on topics they could never understand; topics such as fashion or men. Native habitat, Lane Bryant, Walmart or local fast food restaurants where they can purchase the 15,000-calorie salad and still remain on their diet. After all, it is just a salad. Frumps often travel in-groups of 3 or more in what urban sociologists have termed, an unkindness. Gravy stains on the front of her moo-moo can identify the Midwestern variety, normally the largest of all Frumps. Eastern Frumps typically have the worst attitude and Western Frumps the most makeup.

Also see Frumplestiltskins and Frumpaholic
Have you ever noticed that Frumps don't go to the beach?
by Davy February 07, 2004
Top Definition
A woman who is generally not concerned with her appearance and doesn't make any attempt to look womanly or sexy. Frumps are very common in the Seattle area. They need not be overweight but commonly are somewhat "doughy" and are characterized by lack of makeup (except for ugly art-school or Goth-style makeup), poorly-fitted, unstylish clothing, general lack of muscle tone or a tan. They sometimes wear very bright red lipstick or substitute teacher cat-eye glass to make themselves even less appealing to men although they are not dykes. They'll often complain loudly that they can't find a man yet make no attempt to present themselves in a manner that might attract a man (showing skin or cleavage for instance). They might even be somewhat attractive (do-able)if they made an attempt at dressing better and wearing makeup and/or a better hairstyle.
Wynonna Ryder is an example of a well-known frump (don't you hate the way she hides those awesome gland bags of hers beneath baggy shirts?)

I saw a group of frumps out for a walk wearing parkas and "Seattle Sombreros" (an ugly Gore-Tex rain hat) walking at Pike Street Market on a rare sunny day in Seattle.
by Mr. Tapeworm May 25, 2006
n. 1. A dowdy, unattractive or generally uninteresting girl or woman.
2. A staid, drab old fashioned woman.
She had let her appearance go, and she became a real frump.
by idea princess February 05, 2005
a dull and unfashionably dressed woman
That woman is a Grade-A frump.
by Light Joker June 04, 2007
a girl who is straight up lumpy, frumpy, bumpy, and pretty much anything else that ends in umpy. if there is anything else. also, she's not a lesbian or tomboy, she just doesn't know how to look pretty or shapely. she also often wears old lady clothes, but not in a cute urban outfitters way, just a frumps way. if you still dont know what frumps is, keep a look out and you'll eventually see a frumps, i promise you.
holy frumps, that girls got a bad fuckin case of the frumps. , you know that girl in our math class, im sorry, but shes just straight up frumps.
by beavertoothjones September 29, 2010
A person who dresses as an old woman
The verb "frumpy" is to dress as an old woman

Julien is a frump
by fazzwazzer June 26, 2003
Someone who farts in the tub and bites the bubbles!
That guy is a frump master!
by P8Riot4Evr June 25, 2015
When you fart in the bath-tub and bite the bubble.
My kid decided to frump in the tub last night.
by romdo308 November 25, 2013
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