Rollerblades, or "Aggressive" inline skates.

A.k.a. Frootboots, Fruitboots, Rollergays

A fruitybooter is someone that wears Rollerblades.
I don't care how rad your tricks are, grabbing your ankles 'Deliverance' style is and will always be gay.
by Dr. Fucktonovich July 07, 2005
Top Definition
fruity boots are roller blades
dude i just got new fruity boots at the mall today.
by sunshine21 August 18, 2009
Well it's those girly boys with wheels stuck on there shoes now isn't it? It's kinda like they're trying to immitate the wheelie board kids but just don't have the heart.
Those0 damn girls and their fruity boots! They have nothin' on them wheelie boardin' kids carvin' up those there foot paths!
by angry old man October 17, 2008
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