There are two defintions for this term.

1. A man puts his balls in between his legs.

2. You shove an assortment of fruits and or vegtables into your lovers asshole or vagina and then eat them.
1. I will bend over and show you my fruit cup Maurcie!

2. Jessica lie down and let me give you a fruit cup!
by Bobbaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy June 22, 2011
The act of positioning ones hand in a cuped fashion tight to the anus with or without pants on and farting so as to capture the stench within the hand. Upon fart completion, close the hand and quickly position the hand under an innocent bystanders nose, open the hand, and ask questioningly "fruitcup?".
John pissed me off so I gave him a fruitcup. He threw up into his mouth.

Sally is a bitch, I gave her a fruitcup and it made her eyes water. Take that cunt.
by bg909 May 12, 2010
the food of choice for tards worldwide. first made famous in the trombone chronicles, in the sonicare chapter.
jimmie attempted to eat his fruit cup but ended up spilling it over his plastic poncho in a drooly mess.
by Alex Homeskillet February 24, 2008
A sex act pertaining of preferably 3-4 people where the contents of a fruit cup or fruit cocktail is put into another anal cavity, the other participant then packs it in, the next step is sharing the cocktail, by taking turns, eating the farted out fruit, Ass to Mouth.
Bob:Hey man you goin' out tonight
Joe:Nope Janey is kinky tonight
Bob:Howa bout i join, you know the little fruit cup *wink wink*
Joe:yeah why not? we need another person.
Janey:Im not being the cup.
by jellyDnut January 14, 2011
To moon someone while tucking your privates back to show them as well. Then loudly state for the audience "Fruitcup!". Usually performed by a male.
Dude, I totally dare you to fruitcup those girls!
by don_mecca October 13, 2005
the act of farting into your hand, and opening it in someones face
I'm gonna go fruitcup that fat chick
by psychoD August 26, 2005
means he is gay or does not like guy likes this thing called a dick and he sucks it a fruit gives dude head.

hey you know that kid justin he is such a fruitcup.
by sdfdsagsargsafgasdfgd July 10, 2008

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