A sex act pertaining of preferably 3-4 people where the contents of a fruit cup or fruit cocktail is put into another anal cavity, the other participant then packs it in, the next step is sharing the cocktail, by taking turns, eating the farted out fruit, Ass to Mouth.
Bob:Hey man you goin' out tonight
Joe:Nope Janey is kinky tonight
Bob:Howa bout i join, you know the little fruit cup *wink wink*
Joe:yeah why not? we need another person.
Janey:Im not being the cup.
by jellyDnut January 14, 2011
1.when someone is or is acting gay or stupid
2.when you just feel like saying something random
3. a cup of fruit
stop acting like a fruitcup, you fruitcup

give me back my fruitcup!
by ashley tannananananannn March 09, 2005
Male genitalia, since they are like a cup with two strawberries and a banana
Do any hot chicks want to eat my fruit cup? I have two strawberries and a banana
by It's still up for grabs October 04, 2010
A gay person
Yo you seen that Fruit Cup?
by AC December 01, 2003
When you cup your hand over your ass and fart then place it over that special someone's mouth and nose.
I gave Petra a fruit cup last night.
by Glenn October 27, 2003
verb when a guy puts his balls between his legs (like in scary movie) and moons someone
Have you seen my fruit cup?
by booger August 16, 2003
fruit cups are athletic supporters for gays
little billys father had to buy his son some fruit cups or they wouldnt let him participate in his karate class
by ODog N Cali M.C N T April 05, 2009
the food of choice for tards worldwide. first made famous in the trombone chronicles, in the sonicare chapter.
jimmie attempted to eat his fruit cup but ended up spilling it over his plastic poncho in a drooly mess.
by Alex Homeskillet February 24, 2008

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