A lesbian's pussy.
"You know you're trying to score with a fruit cake, right?"
"No way."
"Yeah, she told me earlier."
by Oneironauts March 07, 2014
Top Definition
1. A derogatory term for a homosexual man.

2. Someone who is completely insane.

3. A cake made with bits of fruit and drenched in scotch.
1. Uncle Jim married Pete? I didn't know he was a fruitcake!

2. Uncle Jim married a blender? I didn't know he was a fruitcake!

3. Me: What's a fruitcake?
Someone Else: It's a cake made with bits of fruit and drenched in scotch.
Me: Drenched in scotch? Sounds like my Uncle Jim.
by InfrequentNinja February 09, 2004
UK English:

A person who is one sandwich short of a picnic; mad; quite insane; not with it, fucking crazy.
"I would even think about making a move on her mate, she's a fucking fruitcake. She's probably good in the sack though..."
by Esteban Lorenzo July 29, 2003
Means a guy is gay, or acting gay.
1.Dude, your such a fruit cake.
2. Quit being a fruit cake.
3. Are you a fruit cake? all u do is hang out with guyz.
by Corerosin March 25, 2005
A horribly amusing insult.
Scooter is a fruitcake.
by Rachel June 06, 2004
Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin is a total fruitcake—and so are the idiots who buy her book.
by T. Boondoggle Blivet December 20, 2009
1.some one who is a gay person or who is acting like a gay person

2. A cake made of fruits
1. Julian is a fruitcake cuz he likes men
2. man that fruit cake was so good last night
by Mr.cookforsmith January 22, 2007
a fruitcake is someone that is either homosexual or acts oddly on a daily basis
Nick, you are a fruitcake. You jump around all day like a tard.
by Ian Gamble September 19, 2005
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