Skaterboarder slang for rollerblader and by the way fruitbooting is not an extreme sport
I'm a skateboarder and this kid at me skool Kody Koeplin is a fruitbooter and everyone thinks Kody's a jerk
by James Grimmer January 21, 2004
name given to bladers by skateboarders or wood pushers inliners are just people who aren't talented enough to skateboard
fruit booters are just a waste of skatepark space
by A.J.M. December 27, 2003
A dumb fag who listens to dumb things like insane clown possie and korn have no life and get in the way..
Hey look and that fruit booter who thinks he can transfer over the quater pipe.
by bj but fuck March 21, 2005
( a little kid who's parents are over protective, an older person tryin to fit in, a middle aged teen who's scared of a skateboard, a grab lovin poor folk who like's k19's, or a fruity fuckin faggot who goes to skatparks to eather see skater's asses, turn them gay, or feel up there asses when they bumb into us!
(smack) sorry "wow he's got a nice ass"
by Russ December 31, 2003
Skateboarder that stopped skateboarding for rollerblading.
Nelson Yarbrough
by Chris Hartman May 16, 2003
believe there cool
that pack of fag fruit booters are seshin our spot.
by kost October 26, 2003
an 'aggressive inliner' sad excuse for a human being...
Fruit booters need to get out of the fucking skatepark. Fruit booters are people who tried skating and just couldn't cut it.
by candace April 14, 2003

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