a homo with wheels on his shoes
person 1: hay look, that homo has wheels on his shoes!!
person 2: lets truck him
by pro-nun-see-A-shun July 06, 2003
What the superior extreme sports call the rollerbladers, this is used in a harsh way, which is fully correct because skateboarding is clearly better than rollerblading

fruitbooter: oh im sorry im just hell gay and stupid because i rollerblade and dont know better, i wish i skated that way i could pull girls.."
by lukey_luke_321 December 18, 2007
A person who uses "blades" to rip off everything skateboarding has invented. also tries to take credit for it. Often confuzed and thinks they are hardcore, but where were they during the 60's and 70's...probably getting their dogs to pull them down the block to "impress the ladies." If i wanted to do something that required little to no talent i would walk...
Fruitbooters are so cool thats why they are no longer in the x-games...on the plus side for them, less mainstream=more hardcore...right?
by impropaganda May 27, 2007
a fruitbooter is a little bitch that cant handle skateboarding so they take up the stupidest thing they can find....rollerblading
that guy is sure gay....especially cuz of the fruitboots
by skate1234 November 19, 2004
a dumb person who failed miserably at skate boarding and life and couldent ollie so they strape dona pair of roller blades so they can feel like idiots and clogg up our skate parks and be so proud that they can jump higher-news flash fruity fuck, there strapped ot your feet it's easy.
owen H did a dope 16 stair, but oh well he's a f*in fruit botter
by owen hoffmeyer February 25, 2005
A person who partakes in an acticity of or relating to roller blading
You homosexual fruit booter
by Ebola March 03, 2004
A word you randomly insert into conversations or lack of.:p
person1: Whats up.
person2: Not much. Whats up with you.
person1: Just hanging out.
person2: Cool.
person1: Fruitbooter
by Your mom December 06, 2003

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