An insult Usually used by sakters while they are in their skateparks towards rollerbladers.
harry:godamn fruitbooters taking up the whole park with their lame ass tricks
Me:yeah i know
by SLinga November 17, 2003
An in-line skater who attempts to perform tricks. Commonly disliked by skateboarders as "fruitbootering" tends to lack the style that is exhibited by skateboarding. Yes guys, I'm sorry but it looks really awkward and goofy. Girls commonly dislike anyone who "fruitboots". I'm sure its fun though guys, keep it up.
The fruitbooter went to the urban dictionary to vehemently defend his preferred sport, although deep down he realized that the activity, though fun to do, was a somewhat ridiculous display and perhaps he should consider taking up a more respectable activity, like meeting underage girls on myspace.
by Devon DeVille August 10, 2006
Home schooled, baggy bondage pants wearing loser. They watch the X-games to admire the 10 year old Chinese girls who are better than them at a sport that was embraced by Hillary Clinton.

They use the word "extreme" like it was EVER used by anyone under the age of 40 and drink milk when skating because they were home schooled by their moron parents and think its good for your bones....the same bones they'll never break because you can't fall on rollerblades.
Fruit booters are no better than toddlers on razor scooters or those fucking pogo sticks.
by scrap_iron July 22, 2006
i have been skating forever and i was in the time when skatebaording wasnt cool. and those damn rollar bladers were just rollen around not doin real trix. damn man, we were actually doin ticks and the rollar bladers or roler skaters still said there sport was harder, and all they did was ride around, rollerblading will always be a "poser" sport
by yoyojello August 25, 2003
a homo with wheels on his shoes
person 1: hay look, that homo has wheels on his shoes!!
person 2: lets truck him
by pro-nun-see-A-shun July 06, 2003
An "agrassive" inliner, in other words a gay rollerblader
There are too many fruit booters at the skatepark and not enough boarders
by Your worste nightmare December 10, 2002
A Roller blader.Whether they are gay or not they are still gay. Skateboarding is better.
Stupid fruit booter got in my way.
by O'S December 06, 2002

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