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Sally and Sue brought their friends Susie and Sammy and they all made a Fruit-salad.
by Lena Mae January 19, 2008
When several different guys wear flavored condoms and stand in a circle whilst a girl goes around sucking each of their dicks.
Guy1: Dude what'd you do last night?

Guy2: Me and a couple of other guys stood in a circle and wore flavored condoms whilst Kayla went around sucking our dicks,Its called a fruit salad
by anonymous1744 September 14, 2013
a mans whose mother slept with many men of many races
i dont know who my father was, i am a real fruit salad
by SanGrial February 02, 2011
a person who culturally comes from many different backgrounds and cannot be labeled as just one.
person 1: what natio are you?
person 2: well, my dad is half Asian and half Black, and my mum is half European and half English
person 1: geez, you're the whole fruit salad
by randomnesss4321 July 12, 2009
Kissing multiple people at the same time, all with Jolly Ranchers in their mouth. I know, it sounds weird.
Who do you want to make fruit salad with?
"I had fruit salad yesterday."
by Melena February 14, 2013
Is when you ejaculate in a girls face and then throw cut up bits of fruit at her.
by Frisky Corvette May 31, 2011
"fruit salad, yummy yummy, fruit salad, yummy yummy, the firts step peela banna, the 2 step put in some grapes, the third step, put in some apples and put a melon on ur plate! fruit salad, yummy yummy, fruit salad, yummy yummy, the first step eat up bananas, the 2 step eat up ur grapes, the third step eat up ur apples nad eat the melons off ur plate!" FRUIT SALAD.......... an annoying song by the wiggles, that has been stuck in my head 4 months now. :-(
every time hear the words "fruit salad" i get RELE hungry. that show hypnotized me 2 fruit salad some how. and when i eat it i can never stop eatin it!!!! :-(
by letters March 25, 2004