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a fruitjob... also known as a DBF, drive by fruiting, where the fruitsalad is placed at direct eye-level with the eyes of the drive thru cashier or cashieress
I climbed on the box to be at the proper level to perform a fruitjob on the Wendy's clerk.

When they trun around my ass and genatalia will be eye level thus creating a fruit job

or :
towards three AM, i approach the window with my balls and cock betwixt my ass, ready for fresh eye level gazes
by Greygo October 05, 2003

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when a girl takes a fruit roll-up or a friut by the foot and wraps it around your dick then proceeds with the head
Oh, Jenny can give a good fuckin friut job!
by Zachary Goot February 04, 2005
When a straight man sucks your dick, therefore making him gay or bisexual
James gave me a warm fruitjob last night while he dreamed that his wife had one this big.
by Tom42 November 29, 2008