When a guy tucks his junk behind his legs, commonly known as a 'Mangina', however with Fruit Bowling you do this then sit on someones face. The best of both worlds. So called because the view from behind resembles some sort of Fruit Bowl.
'I'm gonna Fruit Bowl Joe Kaufman tonight!'
#fruit bowling #fruit #bowl #bowling #kaufy
by Felix Baker April 28, 2010
To defecate on a glass surface, usually a window or a patio door.
Mr Berry failed me at math. I left him a nice fruit bowl to wake up to in the morning.
#fruit #bowl #shit #revenge #patio
by arturo swift June 11, 2011
when a man cups his hands as if to cup water but with his junk in the middle.
hey did u want some fruitbowl?
#fruit #salad bar #junk #hand salad #ball soup
by esackattackm December 08, 2011
When fornicating with a member of the opposite sex (or not depending on preference) one slips one's nuts into the action to create a lovely FruitBowl. Also see Mudbowl, similar to a Fruitbowl but the completed package of sweaty love is inserted into the anus rather than the vaginal opening
"My dear you look a trifle flushed, have you been fruitbowling it again?" enquired the First Earl of Chester of his chambermaid

"Why yes m'lord" she replied "most enthusiastically m'lord"

"Excellent" he replied "then you won't mind me slipping you a mudbowl"
by gareth simmons May 25, 2005
When you put your nuts inbetween your legs so that when you moon someone they see your nuts also.
When we moon the teacher mabe we should make a nice fruitbowl
by Nick EE March 05, 2003
The act of restraining one's genitalia (male) between the legs, as to protrude from behind rather than hanging in front. Also coined as "the goat" in the movie Waiting.
Kegan attempted a fruit bowl off the diving board and now cannot reproduce.
#goat #balls #penis #rape #yargh
by Yarghh March 30, 2006
The part of northern Tinton Falls, NJ that has streets named "Apple", "Peach", "Cherry", "Pear", and "Plum". Used mostly by the high school students in the town, it was once the part of the town with the most police activity.
I live in the Fruit Bowl!
by DarkDan September 24, 2003
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