when ya tuck yur junk between yur legs and moon people. also see luau.
when we passed the car of girls we could obviously not score that night i dropped the pants, tucked her in and slammed a full blown fruitbowl on 'em.
by scrublife October 15, 2003
Top Definition
when a guy tucks his twig and berries back by his crack when mooning someone, which ends up looking like a banana and some apples (or oranges, if you prefer) coming out of a fruitbowl!
Johnny showed the car next to him his fruitbowl.
by Thunder Dan May 26, 2004
when a naked man places his cock and balls between his legs so that they appear to be a banana and two plums in a fruit bowl when seen from behind.
in addition, when he is seen from in front, he will look like a lady with no tits!
steve-o from jackass couples this move with the helicopter.

buffalo bill show you the front on silence of the lambs
by jay January 08, 2004
A name for the annual football game in Louisville, Kentucky between St. Xavier and Trinity high schools. Alumni and students of the two schools consider it to be an important event; others generally do not care about it.
Dan: What are you doing this weekend?

Don: I'm going to the St. X - Trinity game.

Dan: You're going to the Fruit Bowl?

Don: Shut up!
by PMax February 10, 2008
When a male sticks his genitalia between his legs, so that his ass and his genitalia form a fruit-bowl-esque picture.
Cartman: Let's show Mrs. Choksondik our fruit bowls at 8:30 you guys! ...Aww you guys are weak
by FruitFruit August 06, 2009
Affectionate term for a woman's breasts, derived from the many fruit-related terms for the same body parts. See apples and melons.
It doesn't matter what size your fruit bowl is, as long as it jiggles a little bit.
by MissionDoll November 11, 2004
To tuck ones junk back between the legs then turn around and bend over. A variation on "mooning" and "Hanging Trout"
Johnny flashed us a Fruit-Bowl then pooped on a car.
by bullfaddle September 07, 2006
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