Climbing boots with bolt-on crampons that are used by climbers for steep ice and mixed routes. Major manufacturers of these boots include: Kayland, La Sportiva, and Lowa. The bolt-on crampons are mostly produced by Black Diamond (US), Grivel (Italy), and Petzl (France).
Adam: Are you wearing fruit boots to Hanfer Creek?

Tom: No, it is too damn cold for wearing them today.
by ice climber January 11, 2010
A man who rollerblades, it could or could not be a homosexual.
I saw you were sportin' the fruitboots this weekend.
by AbbeyR June 08, 2006
roller-blades. can also be a verb: fruit boot (to roller-blade)
Hey Chris, put on your fruit boots and let's get going!

Hey I was wondering if you wanted to fruit boot today
by Waud June 07, 2011
A term for inline skates keyed by skateboarders who become frustrated when people on inline skates ride the shit out of the obstacle that the skateboarder is standing around waiting for a 30 meter space to hit; seeming to the stander to be out of control. An insult resulting from anger held by skateboarders for those who didn't join them in jumping on the skateboarding bandwagon when Tony Hawk became part of pop-culture in the late '90s, mostly because those who aren't concerned with what others think of them can do things that will never be attempted on a skateboard.
Skateboarder A: That guy in the Fruit Boots sure does make me look like an asshole.

Skateboarder B: Yeah. I can't land simple tricks, much less the kind of stuff he's doing. I sure do wish my balls were as big as his too.

Skateboarder A: Maybe our friends would think we looked cooler if we did something other than stand here and look at the jumps.
by Darth Mater March 24, 2009
very similar to the in-line skate/roller blade definition except on snow, whereas the snowboarders and surprisingly enough... skiers both make fun of the deuch bags that fly around on the short skis - anyone with short skis can usually be spotted easily by looking for something else really gay such as a hat with bright colored spikes on it or a a huge penis in their but
snowboarder: Does that guy with huge penis in his but have fruit boots on?

skier: Are you talking about the guy wearing the hat with bright colored spikes on it?

snowboarder: Yea.

skier: I think so.
by jacob luce January 05, 2008
Tight fitting, high top shoes or boots (such as romeo shoes) worn by "Teddy Boy" hood (hoodlum) types in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The term was originally meant to be derrogatory but was soon assimilated by "long hairs."
As the laid back casualness of hippies was evolving from the earlier beatnik style, another group of young people were dressing in Nehru jackets and fruit boots and both groups were wearing bell bottoms.
by Jubilation T. Corndoq March 18, 2007
someone whe can do a 1080 on the flatground.
this fagg is dope! he's head is a fruitboot!!!
by curved shit October 02, 2003
1. Gay mans auxillary mode of transportation
2. Weight loss device for yuppies
Pepe gained an extra 2 mph on his fruit boots by shaving off all his body hair and wearing extremely tight pink biking shorts!
by Samhain_Knight February 24, 2005

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