very similar to the in-line skate/roller blade definition except on snow, whereas the snowboarders and surprisingly enough... skiers both make fun of the deuch bags that fly around on the short skis - anyone with short skis can usually be spotted easily by looking for something else really gay such as a hat with bright colored spikes on it or a a huge penis in their but
snowboarder: Does that guy with huge penis in his but have fruit boots on?

skier: Are you talking about the guy wearing the hat with bright colored spikes on it?

snowboarder: Yea.

skier: I think so.
by jacob luce January 05, 2008
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Haha, check out those fruit boots.
by Someone November 09, 2002
1. A slang synonym for "inline skates," which are also known by the brand name "Rollerblades." This term was coined by skateboarders frustrated by the mass influx of generally clueless, and unobservant inline skaters that always get in the way at skateparks. It is a perjorative term used for the purpose of insulting inline skaters as being homosexual.

2. High heel boots worn by a transvestite.
1. Those stupid dorks wearing fruit boots never look where they are going and always cause collisions at the skatepark.

2. The drag queen put on some fruit boots to go skating at the skatepark after taking off his/her thigh-high fruit boots.
by Marcus Solomon October 31, 2007
Derogatory term used by skateboarders in reference to inline skaters associating them with homosexuals skating on the boardwalk of popular beach resorts (e.g. Venice Beach in California).
Take your queer fruit boots somewhere else and stay out of our way!
by Mark 42 February 01, 2008
A skate.

Not an insult used for a person, but for an object. Derived from fruitboots, a term for skates which is derived from the term frootbooter, an insult made up by skateboarders which they use to feel manly and make sluts think theyre badass.
Correct Usage: I have a fruitboot.

Incorrect Usage: "He's such a fruitboot. Let's go ruin his ledges and throw our boards."
by Doornail April 03, 2005
In line skater.
Get out of them fruit boots and learn to skate.
by Corey June 11, 2003
Climbing boots with bolt-on crampons that are used by climbers for steep ice and mixed routes. Major manufacturers of these boots include: Kayland, La Sportiva, and Lowa. The bolt-on crampons are mostly produced by Black Diamond (US), Grivel (Italy), and Petzl (France).
Adam: Are you wearing fruit boots to Hanfer Creek?

Tom: No, it is too damn cold for wearing them today.
by ice climber January 11, 2010
Street slang for rollerblades
No thanks, I don't need a ride, I've got my Fruit boots with me.
by Kieron M. May 20, 2008
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