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Mud that has been frozen.
We got some good frud overnight.
by OrSt October 29, 2007
9 2
Frud is anything and everything, just as long as you believe.

Frud is the lost connection between Frooglebop and Zybergoober.

Me: I'm feeling Frud-ish today.
You: Isn't everyone, though?
Me: Not the non-believers.
by NIK_FNC February 09, 2010
7 2
A mixture of the words bruv and food, OR food and crud;
So instead of saying "can i have some food, bruv" or "this food is crud"...

"Get me some frud!"
by Skelhon and Titch January 06, 2008
10 6
The brother of FUD (Fat Ugly Dyke). Thus to mean Fat Really Ugly Dyke
Good lord, you are such a FRUD Jo, said Stella!
by Joey February 15, 2005
0 6