(verb) To be caught in the painful dilemma of having to choose between a friend and a lover. The act of falling for a boy/girl that you know will upset a close friend. Commonly encountered when encountering friends' exes, brothers, sisters and even parents.

The extreme form of this verb is the headfruck. A headfruck is to meet the love of your life only to find out that your closest, bestest friend does not approve. A truly painful experience that may well lead to either losing your best friend or giving up the love of your life. Such a result is known as a complete headfruck.
Jane frucked Mary's ex, and now Mary is no longer speaking to her.

Bill slept with his best mate's lil sister. He's frucked big time!

"What's wrong with Peter he looks so miserable?"
"He's fallen head over heels in love with a real babe, but now John is pissed off with him cos he doesnt hang out as much as he used to. He's caught in a complete headfruck"
by cds2212 February 04, 2010
Top Definition
It's like fuck, only nicer, and easier to say around you parents.
Why are you so frucking stupid?
by mariam April 24, 2004
How the word "fuck" sounds coming out of a chinese man's mouth.
I lost my car keys, Fruck!!!

hello there baby, wanna Fruck?
by BIG YETI DICK November 29, 2006
A mix between "freak" and "fuck". Usually used so as not to offend people, but still get the point across.
This fruckin music is the shit.
by Scoobychic August 16, 2004
The act of fucking (having sex) in a truck
Hey girl wanna fruck?
by Hardcorefrucker July 21, 2015
When you slur the words "frick" and "fuck", because you in a place where you arent supposed to curse.

For example: If you stub your toe in class, you can scream "FRUCK", because you technically arent saying "fuck"
FRUCK! I just got a D in math!
by mad is rad March 22, 2008
To fuck on frat park at the University of Illinois.
"What's going on out there?"

"There's people having sex out on frat park."

"They're frucking? It's like 40 degrees out there!"
by illinipride November 07, 2011
freak + fuck.

Frucking= freaking + Fucking
Oh my frucking god.
by whatthefruck April 24, 2009
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