Fundamental, right-wing, Tea Party conservative Christians who believe they are the Chosen of God. They live in the Old Testament instead of the New Testament. They have cold (frozen) hearts towards anyone else that is not of their extreme form of Christianity. They lack compassion for those in need. They believe that our military is Christian and should dominate the world by force; Crusades.
The Frozen Chosen look down on the poor, because they believe that if they were the "right kind" of Christian, God would bless them with wealth.
by Goofyfan November 27, 2011
Top Definition
A nickname for us Prsebyterians that has to do with predestination.
Oh yeah, that summer camp's run by the frozen chosen.
by frozenchosenisacompliment January 03, 2012
Nickname given to Canadians. Also known as the ''snow people''.
SON : The winter lasted almost nine months this year.

DAD : It's no big deal for us Canadians. People call us the frozen chosen.
by Aliases February 18, 2014

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