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Lego my ego and eggo my lego! and dont take my pop tarts either! Or my elio's pizza, unless i meats ya, dont step on my balls with cleats on! I am wonder Sam, i'll hit you in the noodle with a toaster strudal! What about my hungry man jack meal, O what a deal, 2.99, i'll eat that any time. Pizza in the morning, pizza in the evening, pizza at super time, if pizzas on a bagle, you can eat pizza anytime! I smoother my waffles with aunt Jemima, then she says "Ravage my vagina".
Philty Rich, trademark, and Hines 57 are the Godfathers of Rap on the Babson Campus 1999-2004. They Created the frozen food rap! We put that peice on the map! Death Chode Records 4-Life.
by philthy rich November 23, 2006
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