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another term for a frothy, (froffy, frofena, frofshcchscchh). Frothy and Frothinas are like australian rules playerz term for beer on and like poor people in regional areas also call them frothinas and froffys.
First person: "Hey cobra, ya cumn 2 da pub 2nite4 a frothina?"
Second person: "Yeah might see ya down there for a cuppy froffies"
First person: "Yeah frofschschssfies are da go"
Second person: "Fucken too right, been fangin for a frof in ages!."
First person: "Yeah whats ya fukn deal not bein at da pub as of late i be drinkin by me own. froffies arent da same with out u m8 :("
Second person: "Yeah oath, been workn in a salt mine no frofs there...."
First Person: "Yerz u gotta quit that shit, gonna burn ya self out n hav no moar time 2 enjoi froffies, frofs n tits aka FNT are da go now!"
Second Person: "Yerz butz im marriedz... :S"
First Person: "froth her."
by lupriana August 29, 2009