While a girl is giving head, right before she swallows the cum, the guy karate-chops her in the throat, thus causing the cum to come out of her nose.
Guy- Did Becky give you head last night?
Guy2- Yeah, and then I gave her a frosty walrus!
by Susiecrabgrasswashere December 30, 2007
Top Definition
While receiving a blow job, a man cums in his partners mouth. After you cum, hold the partner's mouth closed, and punch her in the stomach so that the cum comes out her nose.
Joe: dude, Steve gave Liz a Frosty Walrus the other day!
Bill: Wow, really?
Jim: Yeah, the cum came out of her nose and went all the way to her tits!
by joebobman41232 March 25, 2009
while receiving a blow job, you cum in your partners mouth. right when you cum, you punch her in the stomach so that the cum comes out her nose.
Bob: dude, jim gave laura a frosty walrus
Bill: really?
Jim: yeah, she got cum on her tits.
by Dr. Phil2 May 02, 2006
When a man with a mustache goes down on a man or a woman and come up with cum stuck in his mustache
Officer Williams had a frosty walrus after eating out his partner.
by lemmywinks January 26, 2006
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