when under the influence of large amounts of alcohol and/or other mind altering substances, you feel "nice". Nothing can stop someone who feels this good. you do not feel tired and are in a remarkably good mood
Me: damn mike over there is fucked up
Mike: yo man im feelin frosty as fuck
Me: oh shit, Bitches ain't ready
Mike: damn straight, im nice! you tryin to get at that Barry O?
Me: hell yeah! ima get frosty too my man
by Smokin on that Barry O March 21, 2013
when something is cooler than cool.
dood, thatz cool.
no man, thatz awesome.
dood, that is so frosteh!
yeah, frosteh!
by 007 October 22, 2003
The date was 1970 in the town of Macon, Georgia, a snowbunny by the name of 'Tangerine Monique Sunflower', had a baby boy affectionately dubbed (no pun intended) 'Frosty'. Once Frosty grew up, he perfected dub slinging into an artform This artform that he created, tentatively titled dubslingin' put MacTown on the map, and left a precedent that his son and future dub slingers could only wish to follow.
If you did coke in the 70's there was a 99.99999999999999578 % chance Frosty was the slinger. D33 H33, never forget it.
by BrittKyleLauraBlair May 14, 2004
When you get a deoderant spray can, spray it really close to your skin and make the skin freeze and come off
Shit, That frosty really kills!
by ant January 11, 2005
A cat who walks around and pisses on shit. He also thinks that he's cooler than everybody else who he pwnz.

Examples of Frosty's Daily routine:
1.) Walks around
2.) Eats food
3.) Pisses on shit.
4.) Meows and shit.
"frosty is a mofoin beotch who pisses all over my shit!"
by Frosty Master December 20, 2004
Someone who has flagrantly bleached blonde hair and makes no attempt to hide it or deny it.
Emily doesn't like to admit that that jive-talking frosty can be smarter and more beautiful than her so she calls the gorgeous frosty a "bimbo" to make herself feel better because of course in her mind anyone who bleaches their hair has to be just a "bimbo".
by Kaworu June 30, 2004
a really sexy lad! there is one in every school. he will have a really nice arse and will ride a bmx!! he will also be seen with many others on bmx, with names like, pikey and tommy. he will also be seen wearing jeans and a hoodie( normally red) and he will smoke
grrrrrr theres frosty, look at his arse!
by ckyski March 13, 2004
A large female who gives blowjobs and spits your cum in your face.
Damn it Frosty! Don't slam my car door.
by titspank December 14, 2003
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