a nickname for someone who is acting a bit moody or cold towards everyone.
"ooo aren't we Little Miss Frostie?"
by xlondonxgurlx July 28, 2006
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the giveing of head with an ice cube in your mouth
i think i got frostbite on my cock from that frostie
by back door lover December 02, 2003
The term for the stereotypical trophy-wife blonde, with glimmering hair that can cause temporary blindness when it reflects direct sunlight; known to have at least a slight attitude or coldness resulting from their understanding of their own appeal; known to undergo daily spa treatments and bronzing sunless tan dips each week
As the Situation walked the streets of San Francisco, he stopped in his tracks when that bangin' frostie dropped her sunglasses
by trustoryson February 23, 2012

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