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The drawing of a penis on a car whose windows are frosted over. This event usually takes place after a winter night of drinking at a friends house, and upon leaving, drawing penises on neighbors frosty cars. the neighbors being none the wiser. It is ideal to use a knuckle rather than a finger as to not leave a fingerprint.
We were so drunk at Joe's house, when we left, we drew frostcocks all over his neighbors cars, unbeknownst to them...
by Tommynormous November 26, 2009

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A condition in which one's penis becomes frozen or numb from not wearing heavy enough pants and/or underwear. Typically occurs during prolonged outdoor exercise such as running or walking on a really cold day.
Runner 1: Dude are you okay?
Runner 2:(on the floor cupping his crotch) Why did I wear shorts today?
Runner 3: Frost Cock!
by Ry-Guy2 October 30, 2008