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a positive slang term, generally localized in philadelphia, for a cool cat who has nerdy obsessions. normally has a neato, quirktastic family who only fuels the uniqueness of the individual. fun to hang with.
"dude i saw melissa at the star trek midnight opening... how rad!"
"well yeah, man, she's a total fronz."
by n00btrap November 28, 2009
The word "fronz" is an extremely versatile word. It can be used in nearly any way necessary such as being used as a verb, a noun, the vocalist of a shitty metal band, an adjective, and many, many more.
EX1:"oh man, i just fronzed on myself!"
EX2:"dude, i totally fronzed this chick the other night."
EX3:"have you cleaned your fronz today?"
EX4:"I went to an Atilla show, and Fronz tried to touch my genitals."
by Cheyne Stokes June 29, 2008