to pretend or act like somethin or someone your not.
Quit Frontin man you know yo ass aint got a job!
by Juicy August 05, 2004
showing off
by Anonymous September 18, 2003
To invoke a conversation with someone in an attempt to win their feelings and usually in a manner that is not genuine.
"Hey man stop frontin with that girl"
by Canadian July 30, 2003
to 'step to' as in to try to start a fight.
"He was frontin' and the other gentleman just clocked him'"
by Anonymous October 19, 2003
To insult/argue with somebody.
That guy was frontin' because he had a problem with me.
by foshizzzzz November 06, 2005
to be standing in the front of a large crowd
I was frontin in line to buy tickets for the concert because i got there 2 days before they went on sale
by scrathy July 26, 2006
Making excuses for someone before they get a chance to say anything, shooting yourself down.
I know you might be busy, and I know it's already kind of late, and you probably have to get up in the morning....

Don't be frontin', just ask the question.
by totmacher December 26, 2003
A slang term for disrespecting another person.
Charlene: I don't know why Karen has to be frontin' me all the time.
by Schoolboy21 February 07, 2010

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