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to pretend or act like somethin or someone your not.
Quit Frontin man you know yo ass aint got a job!
by Juicy August 05, 2004
948 283
showing off
by anonymous September 18, 2003
9 19
to 'step to' as in to try to start a fight.
"He was frontin' and the other gentleman just clocked him'"
by anonymous October 19, 2003
22 33
Frontin' (verb.)

The Act Of Letting Somebody Borrow Somethin (Usually Referred To In Drugs)

Hey Dee, Can You Front Me A Blunt

I'm Frontin' Toni A Dime 'Till He Can Pay Me Back
by Cody M. April 07, 2006
11 23
To insult/argue with somebody.
That guy was frontin' because he had a problem with me.
by foshizzzzz November 06, 2005
4 23
to be standing in the front of a large crowd
I was frontin in line to buy tickets for the concert because i got there 2 days before they went on sale
by scrathy July 26, 2006
4 28
Making excuses for someone before they get a chance to say anything, shooting yourself down.
I know you might be busy, and I know it's already kind of late, and you probably have to get up in the morning....

Don't be frontin', just ask the question.
by totmacher December 26, 2003
5 30
A slang term for disrespecting another person.
Charlene: I don't know why Karen has to be frontin' me all the time.
by Schoolboy21 February 07, 2010
34 80