used in the phrase ‘on the frontburner’ to denote a process that is being pushed forward. Antonym of ‘on the backburner’.
The proposal, after being on the backburner for years, has now been on the frontburner.
by uttam maharjan August 26, 2012
Top Definition
putting or placing something "on the front burner" means that it is important, or a priority. (an unimportant event or person could be said to be on the "back burner") From the setup of a cooking range, where items on the front burner are closer to you and can be watched over more easily and effectively.
I gotta put paying my bills on time on the front burner since I got behind. That guy is so hot, he's a front burner for sure.
by teacherlady April 15, 2005
Something of higher priority.
The Henderson account is on the front burner for today.
by Doc Evil April 15, 2005
On a soap opera, a story that gets coverage everyday.
The story about edmund's murder has been on the front burner on All My Children.
by bryan April 15, 2005
1. an attractive female, so hot that she is the large, front burner on the stove.
Damn, that hotty is a front burner for sure.
by Bud E Love May 05, 2003
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