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The "noise" made by Everquest 1 and 2 Frogloks; a race of amphibious player-controlled racial type's. Normally, these frogs have hilariously original names like "Kermit" or Kerrrrrmit" or "Kermitttt".

When engaged in conversation, the cunt controlling said Froglok will only respond with the ludicrously funny "froak" in their chat line. This is, of course, accepted and praised by other 12 year-old moron's who think it's the pinnacle of whit and rapier-like subtlety.

"D00d, yr froggy is teh roxx0rs!"
"LOLOLO!!""" taht's so cool"
"LFMAO stop ddude my diaframs gunna burste!!!11!"
by Flatster October 28, 2005
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