Term used when going Off Roadng.
We are gonna go froad in the desert today.
by T December 02, 2003
Top Definition
-term labeling an amphibian that is not distinguishable between a frog or a toad
We saw a froad outside our door eating bugs.
by MegaDave July 17, 2003
a cross between a frog and a toad
"i love froads"
by paul the mighty egg layer March 12, 2009
Fuck Right Off And Die
by Flamin Homer May 31, 2003
stands for "frozen roads." basically it's when the roads are covered in ice, and you can't drive on them.
kid #1: Do you think we'll have school tomorrow?
kid #2: No way. The buses will never be able to drive on those vicious froads.
by hey i'm jill January 14, 2008

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