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Mon frère français. See fo' shizzle my nizzle.
Fo' shizzle my frizzle.
by Zrusilla May 09, 2004
2 12
Your friend's refrigerator filled with delicious treats.
"Yo J-Dawg, Im'll be goin to your frizzle and gettin some bizzle, dizzle!"
by Jaspo February 23, 2004
98 26
a bastardization of "free" Snoop Dizzog can be thanked for this new trend of urban talk.
I get all of that food fo' frizzle?!? That tizzy off the hizzy fo sheezzy!!
by viper April 28, 2003
21 14
another slang refference to methamphetamine, or 'frizzle', comes from being on the frizzle to long, therefore become frizzled.
oi bro, hook us up with another burn of the frizzle.
by badmaz April 30, 2006
24 18
French fries from a fast food place.
Extra salt on the frizzles!
by Brimichink August 17, 2007
4 1
A place of gathering mainly on a saturday or sunday morning.
We're going to Frizzles now to smash Ding Dong Bing Bings
by Leighjay Deerock July 03, 2006
7 4
For real
Everyone knows the money green benz is the best color mercedes out there. Frizzle.
by Jigger98 May 01, 2014
0 0
it means fart.
i just frizzled on my nizzle... fo shizzle?
by Lee Marie Rebbecca April 27, 2011
3 3