A man who likes good semen, Aviation Ordenanceman with a taste for semen.
that fritz likes all the flavors and colors!!!
by AE1 DADDY October 04, 2012
The explosion or discharge of jizz, cum, semen, sperm, or vaginal juices all over one's partner's face
"Dude, i just Fritz(ed) all over her face last night.
by Poopy face tomatoe nose December 11, 2009
An alternative name for a Devon sausage. Almost exclusively known as such in South Australia
For lunch I had fritz and sauce
by chibinezu March 22, 2008
a meat product that u can only buy in adelaide

a feral meat that looks like dog meat
I feel like eating some fritz
by Haura Lez Hore Daughter December 07, 2003
Used many times in place of profanity. Started by a small group of friends in Bloomsburg, PA. It can often be used to replace any word.
You son of Fritz!
Quit being such a Fritz!
Stop Fritzing around and help me!
by Deven Young May 09, 2005
A teacher who you would fisrt think is an okay teacher at the beggining of the school year.. then two days later, OMG what a fucking fat ass old blonde fag!!! Fritz's are often found... well, nowhere! the are just so undesirable!

Laura: OMG! i dont want to go to class!!! i hate fritz!

Candace: OH! did't you hear! She was the last fritz on earth and went instinct last night!


candace: She was replaced with a hot exotic male nurse, and is going to practice CPR with the class to celabrate the good news of the END OF ALL FRITZ!!
by CANURA March 12, 2009
the f*cking ritz hotel-according to plum sykes Bergdorf Blondes
The Fritz is the best hotel, it's tottaly beyond!
by kiwixpsychedelic January 17, 2008
A word of German derivation, which as we all know had a later latin meaning. First coined by the spelunking explorer Tits Mcgee. It has several meaning:

1. A word dating back to ancient Roman times meaning a person with the resessive halitosis gene who enjoys giving a blowjob while being dirty sanchezed, and defacated on by homeless men.
2. The high times of early America brought the word to mean a person who loves to drink a bukaki chalice filled with the semen of seamen. After imbibing the contents, the ceremony usually ends in the person being tea bagged numerous times until he is bruised about forehead or nasal area.
3. More recently the word has come to be known as someone who clears fields of brush in wild fire threatened areas with the strength, heat, and acidity of their own breath, and is rewarded by being donkey punch by large ethnic men.
1. That Fritz over there is covered in homeless man feces and just took a large load of semen right in the face.
2. Don't waste that semen, there is a Fritz right over there and he loves it, just don't forgot to teabag him.
3. I'm so glad I'm not a Fritz, I don't like the taste of semen.
4. We have a level 5 wildfire here people! Get me a Fritz, and some ethnic men STAT!!

by Hank Greenberg August 18, 2006
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