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When you eat fruit off a girls tits
John: Hey babe, ima frits you up tonight
Karly: I love it when you do that, especially with strawberries
by sammydog April 04, 2009
Verb meaning to go party

Also can be descriptive like chill, sick, stoked, pumped and many others
Yo Derek, ready to go frit in a little bit?
by Don't worryboutit May 14, 2011
Similar in use as wack. Something that sucks and blows. (Canadian slang)
This party is frit!
That person's car is frit!
by JonW May 29, 2003
A fried shit
That dog shit has been lying in the sun for so long it has become a frit
by Svabob August 27, 2009
the milk ducts off a teenage or older female. men like to pull them and pinch them, which they think the female enjoys but actually it kinda hurts. also, babies like to suck them - see 'bitty'.
Bella: "oi Betty, can i milk your frits?"
by Rillie March 05, 2008
To fry something just a little bit.
Today I was frying up some chicken, but I was in a rush so I fritted them.
by beeapee May 12, 2009
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