To creepily brush grab the ass of a random girl/guy and pretend that it wasn't you.
"Kanye totally fristed my girlfriend at that party. and he said he would let me have her, but beyonce has one of the best asses of all time"
by shotime89 October 10, 2009
When your arm continues into your hand to make it appear like you don't have wrists. The wrist equivalent of a cankle; fat arms.
"dude, you have fat arms."
"nah mate, they're frists."
by katamy January 04, 2015
The combination of forearm and wrist... meaning a fat wrist. Like cankle.
That chick is so fat her frist can't even fit a watch.
by toxic4brit June 22, 2012
A muscular forearm that transcends into the wrist creating a forearm sized wrist. Quite like a cankle in both meaning and disgust.
Whoa, look at that guys frists, you can't even tell he has wrists.
by blairwolf January 10, 2011
Like kankles, but on the wrists.

A portmanteau of Fat and Wrist.
"Ew, that chubby old lady has frists!"
by xCPx Bebi Primo May 05, 2010
to bite or nip, or perhaps hickey another.
goes along with making out, and can be a turn on.
" hey, wanna go frist?" 

"wtf were you two doing in there?"    
"oh we were just.. . fristing"

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