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1) crazy and hpya
2) Walking like a drunkie
1) Lucy: *falls over*
Amy: ur so frisky!!

2) Lucy: *starts goin argh and hitting pplz*
Amy: Calm down u frisky girl!
by Amy February 25, 2005
51 286
possessing a sexual feeling

He was feeling frisky, so he touched her.
by anonynnynymous April 25, 2004
1046 317
adj. horny
What do you do when you are alone and frisky?
by anonymous April 17, 2004
821 433
Although commonly used sexually... frisky can also imply a lifestyle. Someone who is frisky is apt to do anything, anywhere. Spontaneous and jolly in everything they do.
"You're so frisky... I didn't know if you were going to get a drink from the bar or dance on it!"
by Daizilicious May 18, 2005
668 402
when a girl is openly really horny and clearly is trying to get you to take your clothes off.
Her: I want to do some crazy ass things to you.

You: Damn, your one frisky girl.
by haileyisamoose March 30, 2011
296 269
when a man wants sex sooooooooo bad
its just because im ...........frisky
by fregie785 September 14, 2010
140 215
When someone is very sexual but rough.
"He was very frisky last night."
by Torianne August 22, 2008
187 263
means bitchez wanting to mash
example , rachelle got frisky now shes preggers xD
by FUCKO_101 February 02, 2011
187 297