1.)A phrase that one uses during the act of sexual inter- course while receiving mass amounts of pleasure.

2.)The alternative sentence instead of moaning.
your mom- "oh yesssss!oh godddd! that's it, frisky dingo, oh yes KEEP GOINNGGGGG!OH FRISKY DINGO!"
by ld and ch June 03, 2008
Top Definition
A cartoon originated from adultswim.com and is about a guy named Xander and a series of the stupidest yet interesing events, but after 13 episodes they all die.
Hooker:YESS oh YESS..dont stop, dont stop!
(Xander hears his girlfriend approaching)
Xander:Shut up hooker!
Episode of Frisky Dingo
by OHgeez January 25, 2007
best done with blondes, the man proceeds to shit in his hands, and massage caca gently into the womans hair, giving it a dirty black color similar of that to the fur of a dingo. then the woman howls at the moon.
dude, there was a full moon outside, so it was a perfect oppurtunity to give my girl a frisky dingo.
by GBTAN August 31, 2008
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