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contrary to what everyone thinks, frisco is not just a nickname for san francisco that only tourists use. frisco is a small mountain town in western colorado that is in close proximity to lots of the awesome ski resorts like keystone (right down the road), breckenridge, copper, and vail. all of which i love.
i could live in frisco its so close to all the dope ski hills
by colotado July 02, 2009
44 48
The proper term to use for "San Francisco" when you want to annoy uptight "Friscans".
Me: I'm going to a club in Frisco tonight.
Uptight Friscan: Frisco? Nobody from here calls it that! Please use San Francisco
Me: Yah, I love living in Frisco.
Uptight Friscan: Please don't disrespect the city by using that term.
Me: Wow, Frisco sure has great night life - and a lot of anal retentive idiots
by Frisco Guy January 29, 2010
561 275
How people who arent from Sanfrancisco say Sanfrancisco
" hella... frisco rocks!"
by herbie January 25, 2004
799 526
improper way to abbreviate San Francisco and a sure way to let someone know you aren't from there or spent any real time there.
2 fugitives hiding out under a bridge in The City got caught by police when asked where are they from and one responded "Frisco". The cop stated that "no one in The City calls it Frisco".
by Mr Wall December 30, 2005
740 583
An abominable way to refer to the city of San Francisco. It disrespects the entire city and should not be uttered by anyone, as by decree of Emperor Norton I.
Whoever after due and proper warning shall be heard to utter the abominable word "Frisco", which has no linguistic or other warrant, shall be deemed guilty of a High Misdemeanor, and shall pay into the Imperial Treasury as penalty the sum of twenty-five dollars.
by Brain Toad September 01, 2005
473 442
Fuck you, I call it Frisco. San Francisco born and bred, Western Edition and Mission District. Anyone who says its disrespectful for the city is just trying to be condescending to the person that used the word.

Real San Franciscan: "Man, Frisco is hella tight."
Fake San Franciscan: "Frisco? you must not be from here you retard. Nobody from San Francisco calls it Frisco."

Every other real San Franciscan in the area then beats the fake guy down.
by Matarazzi December 04, 2010
378 360
Term used to identify recent arrivals to upper class areas in San Francisco nervous that they don't fit in.

Do they freak out and correct you when you use it? You've found a newbie.
Bob: "Nice weather for Frisco"
Bill: "Never call it Frisco! It's an insult! Only people that aren't from around here use the term!"
Bob: "How long have you lived here?"
Bill: "Three years. More than enough to be a local."
by Al Benedict September 17, 2013
5 10