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A combination order of 1/2 Frech Fries and 1/2 Onion Rings.
"frings in the car cushions do not improve with time."
by Majick March 04, 2005
(n.) The lone fry in a basket of onion rings.
LC - "Dude, did we eat all the onion rings?"
DB - "Yeah, but you can have the fring. I left it for you."
LC - "That's so thoughtful!"
by sonofasomething August 05, 2008
that little dude with bottlerockets
watch out! its FRING!
by DBRobinson November 07, 2003
Onion flavored fries
would you like frings with that?
Time to oil them strings with these good ol' frings...
by RA_ZRA October 11, 2015

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