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Factory Resetting
Dude I can't remember my wifi password! And the default one isn't working.

You need to fring it first before the default password would work moron...
by Tythesly April 18, 2016
A combination order of 1/2 Frech Fries and 1/2 Onion Rings.
"frings in the car cushions do not improve with time."
by Majick March 04, 2005
(n.) The lone fry in a basket of onion rings.
LC - "Dude, did we eat all the onion rings?"
DB - "Yeah, but you can have the fring. I left it for you."
LC - "That's so thoughtful!"
by sonofasomething August 05, 2008
The swirly part that your hair makes when it's short
Oh my gosh I touched your fring
by Lolaman July 30, 2016
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