a writing tool that uses ink; a pen
"Hey I need to write down my grocery list, do you have a Frindle?
by pseudonym123456789990000000000 December 26, 2011
Top Definition
A made up word meaning pen from a book called Frindle written for children.
"Since i read the book, now i'm only going to say frindle. I'll never say pen again
by Clarrissa Langley April 27, 2004
synonym for 'pen'
hey can i borrow a frindle to write with?
by john March 15, 2004
a pen to write with on paper
i would like a frindle.
by michael December 08, 2003
Frindle: a utensil for writing, almost exclusively a pen.
Can I use your frindle
by Anonymous July 30, 2003
Noun: an object you use to write with (see pen)
Can i use your frindle for a second?
by Punk Rock Girl December 10, 2009
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