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Spanish word that defines: freak, weirdo, geek, nerd, guru, otaku, mangaka, comic liker, book reader, videogame player, film lover and any other person whose likings are not cars, chiks and soccer. You may only like movies, but as a "friki" you like all the other stuff, look weird or act clumsy.

Used as a pejorative word most of the times by ignorant people. "Friki" people calls them gilipollas.
"He likes movies, he's a friki"
"He's reading, he's a friki"
"He likes videogames, he's a friki"
"He likes anime, he's a friki"
"He likes manga, he's a friki"
"He acts weird, he's a friki"
"He likes basketball, he's a friki"
"He's watching a subtitled American show, he's a friki"
"He's reading something in another language, what a friki"
"He's programming, he's such a friki"
by takoitus December 12, 2007