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The usual and typical everyday mexican food, a must have in your house if you are mexican. They can either be brown or black, you know beans!
Juanito: Hey so what are you going to eat later on?
Maria: OH u kno, frijoles and maybe some tortillas.
Juanito: oh right,what a beaner, well save me some.
by gbaby aka Sandra November 26, 2007
frijoles are simply beans
i had some tacos with frijoles
by whosLIZI May 14, 2007
A promiscuous Latino woman, used by English speakers. From "free hole, eh?"
Susanna is such a frijole she don't know who her kid's father is.
by Col. Dr. April 24, 2006
street name for ectasy. See beans.
i just bought some frijoles.
by Lil Tuck June 06, 2006