Use instead of the two words Fucking Ignorant. To describe an act, person, situation, etc... Anything that the user of the word finds objectionable, rude, offensive, lame or otherwise.
That was so frignorant!!!
You are so frignorant for doing that!!
by kimmiewho March 09, 2014
Top Definition
Completely without knowledge of the contents of your fridge, regardless of how little time had passed since you looked. Most often occurring when asked by someone in another room what there is to eat, and occasionally while still standing in your kitchen deciding what to cook.
"Hey, do we have any Chinese food left?"
"Oh crap, I was just in there getting a beer and I forget what else we have."
"Dude, put the bong down, you're being totally frignorant today."
by psydonom April 08, 2014
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