Sweating profusely with a raging boner. Most commonly happens to italians that cannot see while smiling or laughing.
"Dude, your not lookin to good...you about to frigg?"

"Im friggin out over you"

"OMG I had a nightmare that Robert came into my room drunk and was friggn' like crazy!"
by Chris he dont miss April 01, 2008
Another word for 'freaking'
You friggn dunce!
That is friggn stupid.
What are you friggn doing?
by Jen February 16, 2005
the act of taking a joke that is not funny and repeating it over and over while sweating. even tho it never gets funny
rob quit friggn' that joke was never funny

why do always call her monica? your friggn' man
by chris "he dont miss" babino April 16, 2008

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