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World's most harming intended manipulation among all others. There in no real connection between friendzoned and friendzoneing person, except of continuous promising of future maybe.
In the name of Love, impure souls of friendzoned guys shall be banished in to the eternal damnation.
by chosencz August 22, 2012
4 26
When someone you like and want a relationship with decides that they only want you as a friend, even though they like all your qualities and are going to use you as a baseline to judge all other possible boy/girlfriends. People who do this are not worth your time and effort simply because they're not good enough for you.

Note: It IS possible, once in a relationship, to be Re-Friend-zoned. This happens when your partner, despite all other indications they made, never actually stopped seeing you as a friend. People who do this, whether or not their intentions were good, will never have a successful relationship until they learn more about themselves (i.e. how to know when they're ready for and want a relationship) and how to respect others by not leading them on.
Dunn: So, are you going to ask her out again sometime later?
Marcus: Nah, she friendzoned me, I want someone better than that.

Thomas: So, do you want to go out sometime?
Shelby: Sure, I'd love to!

3 moths later....

Shelby: I'm sorry, but I don't think this relationship is working...
Thomas: Why not?! Everything was going so well!
Shelby: I know, and you're great, but I just never saw you as more then my best friend.
Thomas: I hope you grow up, because God help the next person you call your boyfriend.
by just a guy trying to Live. May 31, 2012
10 32
The friendzone is when a person a likes person b, but is afraid to tell person b because they are good friends and person a doesn't want to lose person be as a friend. common for men.
"he's like my brother"
"i'm stuck in the Friendzone"
by swsaaptvissadtrbotdfnsn January 09, 2012
24 47
The worst place one can possibly be in when they have feelings for someone. It is where the person you are romantically interested in cares about you, but not in a romantic way.
I love my best friend, and she loves me, but only as a friend. I'm in the friend zone.
by raaaaaaawrzaz March 01, 2009
59 82
The term men use to blame their own shallowness on women.
A girl makes a new friend who happens to be a guy, and he's really nice all the time and she thinks, wow, I have a really good friend. But it turns out the guy isn't interested in friendship, all he wants is to "get some".

Oftentimes, when the guy realizes that he's not going to "score" (how long that takes can vary), he suddenly drops his feigned friendship and moves on to other targets. The girl is left wondering what she did wrong to make such a good friendship fall apart, but of course what really happened was was that the girl had made the mistake of seeing the guy as a real person worthy of her friendship while the guy had only ever seen her as an object.

The guy justifies his behavior by getting together with his buddies and whining about being put in the "friend zone" so that he gets to feel like he's the victim.
by Philia ouk Eros November 18, 2010
169 208
Effectively, when a man has been "fucked" by a woman...metaphorically speaking, of course.
Emotionally the equivalent of being kicked in the testicles...everyday (because you see the person who's the reason why you're in the friend zone everyday, don't you?).
As of now, modern science has been unable to find a cure.
As used in this sentence, "At least I'm not in the Friend
Zone, like that idiot over there."
In this unfortunate situation, the guy is mistaken on both counts: 1) he is in the Friend Zone, BAD, cuz he doesn't even know what the hell's going on, and 2) the other guy he is refering to is a bad example, because he is obviously gay, and therefore has no sexual feelings for the women he is around, and is more acurately placed in the lesser known or traversed, "GirlFriend Zone". Currently, no known straight male has yet been this far gone, so very little is available about this terrifying area.
by Elijah Bowman January 28, 2007
60 104
The Quickest way a woman to turn their guy friend gay
Man1: He used to be a blast to party with
Man2: Yeah to bad he got friend zoned and went gay.
by Drail9 April 16, 2009
50 103