where hipsters go to get laid
hey, i'm linked to you from a bunch of people i don't even know! let's get together and shag because we are so much cooler than anyone else in the world!
by abby December 17, 2003
aka poonster. Free hook-up service.
I'm going out with this girl I met on poonster, errrr, friendster.
by jb November 20, 2003
- a place where fools thought they could met their soulmates for life (n)
- beyond reality (adj.)
last night i saw someone on friendster, and i'm 100% sure she's the one for me
geez... i'm on friendster too... and so many people asked to be put on my friend's list without bother knowing me in the first place as long as their friends' list keep growing , what the f*ck?
by rd February 26, 2004
not quite a FRIEND, not quite a.... ahh fuck it i need a beer
im so friendster i cant see straight
by i own your ass November 26, 2003
service where thousands and thousands of people get together to collectivly kiss each other's ass and gush about how great they are
i may be lonely now, but on friendster i have 708934 friends!!!!!!!
by el moco August 17, 2003
A website for people who don't know the meaning of the word friend.
"Wow-I clicked these links on friendster and now I have three-thousand friends. I'm so popular!"
by Isabel J. November 11, 2005
Not nearly as bad as everyone here seems to think it is.
I'm on Friendster, and I probably get substantially more action than you. Furthermore, I am a better speller.
by jmags December 18, 2003

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