it looks like myspace now. they're trying to be myspace i think.
No more testimonials on friendster. Just comments. ha!
by blablablahh June 05, 2007
on-line networking service that has taken off rapidly at exponential proportions that has turned into an on-line popularity contest and is sooo was so summer 2003.
i now have 100 friends on friendster! how many do you have now?
by kayla November 26, 2003
Friend "stir" implies an online orgy for dorks not getting laid.
That cyber was incredible last night and I thought I would share you with my friends John and Amy...Well I am off to Friend"stir" with my trusty Fistina
by fo my pizz da playa December 26, 2003
A person who receives valuable gifts from strangers located thousands of miles away and who regretfully accepts it.
Santo Claus...You are the definition of Friendster.
by Kenneth Cole February 04, 2006
A way for your so called "friends" to add your name to a mailing list which eventually causes your inbox to be filled with a mass proliferation of email spam, advertising penis enlargement and pornography.
I am sick if these goddamn friendster spams
by Ken Paynter December 24, 2003
A really really slow community of kiss asses and loosers lookin to bone other loosers
I have been waiting for 10min for this profile of a hot babe with titties to load on friendster but I gotta blow soon.....
by crazyshit March 02, 2004
where hipsters go to get laid
hey, i'm linked to you from a bunch of people i don't even know! let's get together and shag because we are so much cooler than anyone else in the world!
by abby December 17, 2003

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