A place for people who think the more friends they get, the more popular and friendly they become.

Most pics you will find there are composed of skanks, sluts, and un-original cam-whoring.

If you're looking for pages than can cause your computer to hang-up because of excessive javascripts and graphics, this is the place to go.

If the profile is full 50+ pictures of the owner's face and he/she has a lot of glittery graphics, "features", sTiCkY cApS and even more stolen graphics and falling objects, I can guarantee you that they think friendster is the best website it the world and whenever they think of the word INTERNET, FRIENDSTER is the first website that comes to their mind.

If you see a plain, simple, and "quiet" profile and you see 24 hours in his/her "last login" information, that person is sick of friendster and he/she only has that account to keep in touch with friends...Simple as that.

To sum it all up, it is WORST than MySpace and is definitely the most overrated social networking site in Asia.
Girl 1: OMG! What's the name of that cute and oh so hot guy???
Girl 2: Jason honey! OMG he is sooooo hot!
Girl 1: Do you think he has a friendster account???
Girl 2: Of course he does. All cool people have it!
Girl 1: Come on let's look him up!

***goes online and searches his name***

Girl 1 and 2: OMG!!!!!!!!!!! iiiiiiiii!!!!! He is SOOOOO hot!
Girl 2: Thank goodness there is friendster!!

**giggles more**

Bystander: What a bunch of losers...there is definitely more to the internet than just friendster!
by B-R-A-N-D-Y January 18, 2007
Top Definition
an online networking service for the people who dont have any friends and desparately asking to be someone's friend
Hey! I have friendster. go online and add me! and write a testimonial too!
by chester June 24, 2004
An online dating service/friend network that utilized the "six degrees of separation" analogy with eerily popular results. In a few short months after its inception, friendster has become one of the most popular and overused internet websites to date. With routinely poor service and slow servers, friendster is irritating, but still in some bizarre way, incredibly addictive.
i have 8 million friends on my friendster. how about you?
by T December 07, 2003
A website designed to connect you to other people, whether you wanted to find them or not.
My best friend from elementary school moved out of the country and I thought that I would never see or hear from her again, but thanks to friendster we talk everyday!

My first crush found me on friendster, now he won't stop sending me pics of his splotchy trouser mouse.
by JenThe80'sFan June 10, 2004
Web to web of stupid idiotic individuals who thinks the number of of people in their friendslist is in proportion to their self worth.
You are a friendster!
by maddman December 29, 2003
an addictive but idiotic way to "earn" friends... everyone is welcome! even your pet or your table could have a friendster account!
oh my god! i have to add Matt's dog to my list of friends! Jamie's car too! and i shouldn't forget Carrie's foot!
by luna moonlight March 31, 2004
So my friends and I were talking this over and we've basically come to five conclusions. 1. Friendster is a great way to meet new people. 2. If someone on Friendster wants to meet up with you in person, they're probably a creepy loner that you want nothing to do in the first place. 3. We don't want to contact other people on the basis that they'd think we're creepy loners. 4. We have no idea why we're really on Friendster. 5. My Friendster name is Fred. Maybe we can hang out!
"Friendster" was a fun waste of time for about three weeks.
by Fred March 31, 2004
A nice site where you can actually meet old friends, communicate with friends who live far away, or meet new people that is unfortunately filled with attention whores who have a dozen accounts, a hell lot of 'scene' pictures of themselves, adds everyone they don't even know, and always asks for testimonials.
A: some 14 year old bitch I don't even know added me to her 354th account on Friendster
B: look at her scene photos, what a whore
by friendster user November 01, 2005

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