Revealing penises to others when they are in need. Sometimes even by surprise! Most people will really enjoy it.
Hey Mark, let me redefine friendship for you...<BUST OUT HERE>
by marquz December 20, 2004
When you get matching tattoos on your abdomen that read " MVU" which stands for most valuable uterus
I really love our friendship
by Yaases January 19, 2015
Friendship is a usually one-sided relationship between two people in which one person talks about their feelings, while the other responds with eye-rolls and sarcasm.
A typical conversation between friends:
"What is your family like?"
"Stop psychoanalyzing me."
by museochick December 14, 2014
When you love somebody so much, that if you could save their life by never eating pizza again, you would do it, no questions asked.
Adara: I'm going to die.
AJ: Can I help you in any way, I love you too much, don't die.
Adara: If you never eat pizza again, you can save my life.
AJ: Done deal. (Puts down the piece of pizza in her hand, throwing the food of the gods into the garbage.)
Adara: This is what friendship is.
by ajontheweb October 11, 2014

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