I meaningless black hole of wasted time. Don't bother with friends, because they'll only stab you in the back and leave you there to cry your eyes out. Even a best friend you've had since 3rd grade will rip your heart out. She won't even care that you're sitting at home replaying evey minute of your friendship back in your head. Smiling and laughing at the fun parts. Crying at the sad parts. And beating your self up about the mistakes. Friends may seem like they're there for you, but NEVER completely trust them. Once they've found somebody better, they'll dump you like yesterday's garbage and move the hell on.

Lydia, Rachel, and Lexi ruined my experience with great friendship. Completely tore it to shreds.
by AngelaHatesYou August 13, 2010
an illusion used to gain trust and deceive someone so they can be used for the benefit and desires of the deceiver
she mad a fool out of him, cherishing their friendship he gave up everything for her happiness. he thought as a friend she would do the same for him but when he fulfilled his usefulness was cast aside
by Dead dead Tom November 13, 2011
a relationship between two very awsum people that will never disapear
friendship means:

Jorge Will Always be there For Katie :D
by Rocket! August 26, 2008
When douche bags at work go out and get drunk on the company dime.
The douche canoes are going out for friendship again on their company American Express.
by msugal November 18, 2008
Something that comes in the way of a business deal.
That Guy : “Friendship means to me that for two bucks I'd beat you with a pool cue 'til you got detached retinas.”
by Lugs-o October 18, 2004
Friendship is a treasured gift that you give yourself.
It's a treasured gift 'cos U have someone dear to share your happiness and sorrows.
by prashanthi July 07, 2005
Basically a myth...depending on where you live...
"Man! Friendship must only happen in smaller cities and towns and must be hard for some of us in the big city!.."
by TheNewAgeRiseth May 09, 2005

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