Friends with Benefits is a term that can describe most anything. However, usually, when one talks about this phrase they are speaking of "a person with assets who can help the less fortunate person out" who is in need of money, property, a good meal, a favor, etc. This means that the friend in question likes to pay for things and in exchange, you put out for a little while. It can be a long term or a short term proposition. And, friend with benfits does not always mean putting out for sex in exchange for money. You can be doing this for other favors to that person, like for a meal, a chance to see a play, a chance to help someone get from Point A to Point B, etc. etc.
As an example, if I run an ad on Craigs List about friends with benefits, maybe this means I am looking for a good time but I am also short on cash so I would appreciate meeting someone who understands the term and a person who likes meeting a person like myself or whomever. So, in exchange for my spending a little or a lot of time with you or a group of people, it is "expected" that you are going to hand over some cash or buy me something that I need/want to satiate my needs/wants/desires. This is called 'friends with benefits' to put it lightly. I could run an ad in MFM or MFW or both looking for a person who has money on Craigslist or anywhere I wish to that is discreet, usually, lots and lots of it money they don't mind burning through to give money to me, the charity in question. This is just one example of 'friends with benefits'. There are many others.
by Professor PMS October 14, 2009
the cause of sexually transmitted diseases
guy :: yeah i'm friends with benefits with Suzie, Kate, and Jen. now i have chlamydia and i don't kno from who or who i gave it to.
guy2:: trueee..
by alsjdfklasjfd March 25, 2006
friends with benefits is waht happens when the guy u like, likes someone else as well as u, and is waiting to c if the other girl will make a move.
james likes mary and julie, so hes Friends with Benefits with julie, while hes waiting to move in on mary
by unlovedn4gotn November 01, 2005
When men only want sex and don't want to commit to the woman they're having it with.
She's good enough to fuck, but not good enough to be my girlfriend. Therefore, we are friends with benefits.
by Jackie January 29, 2004
Friends with Benefits is a PC term for SLUT and/or Whore. This type of adultry falls into the same catagory. Call it what you want, but to have a friend with benefits just makes a whore out of you. Save yourself for marriage.
Friends with Benefits means slut or whore.
by Doug Hightower February 12, 2006

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