In most teenagers this means to have all the qualities of being in a relationship with out the actual commitment. Like holding hands, kissing, hanging out, sometimes even sex. without the actual title "boyfriend" "girlfriend"
Friend: Is that your boyfriend/girlfriend ?

You: No he's/she's just a friend.

Friend: Why were you kissing your friend ?

You: friends with benefits
by yootinaa September 21, 2015
When two people are in the stage between friendship and a relationship- often resulting in kissing etc.

Also know as a Flirtationship
girl one- XXX and YYY are looking cosy today
girl two- oh yeah, they're friends with benefits, not long before they're together.
by iknowthesethings. April 09, 2011
A relationship between an ex-boyfriend and an ex-girlfriend, or people who are into each other without formally dating, where sex is involved, and the woman wants to be a couple again; until the woman realizes that the man is never going to step up and make a commitment-he just wants the romping without the responsibility. Men can usually separate the physical from the emotional; women usually have a harder time of it.
Sarah: "Hey, how's it going with Dan?"
Meg:" I thought that we were together again, until he freaked and pulled the friends with benefits only."
Sarah:"That sucks."
by Lexie girl September 06, 2008
Usually, a couple of friends who desire a physical relationship with eachother, but not involving any emotional ties with one another.
The guy gets some action, and the girl gets used and left out to dry....
"friends with benefits"
by Kellan July 23, 2006
a term used to explain the relationship between two friends who are sexually active with each other with no commitment.Many cases its call a booty call
milo and ravyn have know each other since they were little and have always been good friends. milo and his girlfriend are happily together and very public. but in the mean while milo has ravyn. the two friends have a friends with benefits relationship and meet for sex and spending time together.
by black delilah February 26, 2011
When friends let you use their address in Manhattan so that you can order food from with would not deliver to your own address.
Mark: You want to get some take out from Max Brenner? I know Jenny living on 13th st, we can get it ordered there since she is one of my friends with benefits.
by Footlover32 May 25, 2012
Jade and Ed
Their entire relationship is the perfect example of friends with benefits
by georgiarose October 02, 2013

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