An ambiguous term implying various degrees of emotional, physical, and imaginative closeness.
1. MySpace Friend, circa 2006: "I acknowledge the existence of this profile."

2. Facebook Friend, circa 2010: "I acknowledge the existence of this person."

3. Real Friend, circa ∞: "I don't acknowledge. I just know."
by Suburban Decay January 15, 2011
People who supposedly care about you but you eventually realise they don't. Somebody who doesnt care what happens to you, how you feel, if they call you, etc. ... if u see this you kno who you are...
Wow, my "friends" never told me about that new years party. Should i be surprised?
by S3th-Mcfloyd->hAmIlToN January 02, 2011
a lame excuse for people who say they will be there for you but really they just like your misery.
Me: so now i have two new friends
Counselor: oh really and how does that make you feel
Me: well like crap they wont talk to me then they yell at me and cancel our plans.
by Suck Ass Friends September 03, 2009
People who are aware of how retarded you are and still manage to be seen in public with you. People who make you laugh till you pee your pants. People who ALWAYS have your back, nomatter WHAT. People who Love You just the way you are and never want to hurt you. :)
I Have A LOT Of Friends That Could Fit Thiss!
by OMGPickles <3 June 04, 2009
when in the case of a guy and girl, a state of denial in which the guy tells the girl he doesn't have feelings for her and in return is never truly happy
Ya, i'm cool with us just being friends.

We'll always be friends. (but goddamn it why not more)
by dkwg February 22, 2007
A friend is someone with whom you share the fondest of memories....but those that only you will understand .... exchanging mugs of coffee three doors down, a time share cat named Joseph, on the road telephone conversations into the night,cooking Christmas turkey, tequila shooters, and When Harry Met Sally.
A friend is someone that you can snuggle into on the couch and laugh and cry and talk, or do nothing at all.
A friend is someone who is honored with the title of best friend and will always hold it, even though circumstances change around them, time grows scarce, lives grow busy, minds grow forgetful and the opportunities for that closeness are not as available anymore.
A friend breathes deeper and diverse meanings into the word love.
A friend is someone who is always held close in the heart no matter the distance between three houses.
When considering together the earth's gravitational pull, both the quantum theory and the theory of relativity and the sound waves emitted by good and not so good (but nastalgic all the same) 80s music i can quite boldly say....i miss my friend Ben.
by maidenofthemoor May 18, 2006
noun, the menstruation

This is the period while women eliminate blood from the womb because a pregnancy did not happen. Actually, monthly is informal but not a swearword.
When the friend goes away, I'll give it night and day.
by Tiago Zuhr August 25, 2008

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